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Sober Party Animal wanted

Do you love to party? Do you go by the saying “it’s five o’clock somewhere”? Have you ever been dreaming of literally getting paid to party? Then this position is for you.

EMPLOYER: GNISTA SPIRITS | PLACE: Stockholm, Sweden | POSITION: Professional Party Animal | SALARY: Fixed | APPLY BEFORE: 29 Feb 2020 | NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 2

The position

Swedish beverage company Gnista Spirits are currently seeking two enthusiastic party animals for a live test investigating Gnista’s credibility as a substitute for alcohol.

Gnista is newly launched and proud to offer the only non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit. Taste wise this statement has been verified by a number of established bartenders and industry experts. Now it’s time to put the feeling to the test, thus Gnista is looking for highly experienced party animals.

We are truly serious about our vision to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic, through offering outstanding products that imitate the experience you normally get from drinking alcohol. This is where you come in.

The Gnista product development department needs first-hand intelligence on how Gnista consumption affects the desire to dance until dawn, inspire you to let loose (using your tie as a headband?) and if it gives you that pizza-craving netflix bingeing (placebo) hangover.

Extensive prior experience of partying is a requirement for the position. We also believe that the successful candidate for the job has a can-do mentality, knows a few dance steps and thrives in a fast-paced environment. Please note that a true passion for nightlife and the right mindset is more important than the perfect set of skills.

Key qualifications

People who prefer to snuggle up with a good book shouldn’t bother: This position is for you who more or less live for the weekends. The successful candidate has never tried being sober when out clubbing (due to prejudice that it’s only lame people who opt for the non-alcoholic). Being single and ready to mingle, being outgoing and fluent in English and/or Swedish is considered a plus.

Primary responsibilities

Party like there’s no tomorrow. Only sober.

Essential duties

Make yourself at least 1 Gnista-Tonic for you and your friend at the hotel and before heading to the selected partner bar. Then continuing to drink non-alcoholic cocktails made out of Gnista until dawn, whilst doing what you’d normally do (your friend can go on as normal). The shift is over at 3 am, when your tired legs look forward to a good night’s sleep. Shift two starts the next day at 11 am, when you are to summarise your experience over a sumptuous beast breakfast.


School of hard knocks.

Job perks

Round trip and hotel stay at Stockholm’s coolest hotel Downtown Camper, for you and a friend (no matter where in this world you may live). Dinner for two and free drinks all night at the restaurant becomes dance floor TAK (incl. taxi to and from the hotel). Full fry-up breakfast the day after and a complimentary bottle of Gnista each to bring home.

The location


Sweden’s stunning capital and one of northern Europe’s best party cities.

About Gnista

Gnista Spirits was launched in Europe 2019. We have the firm belief that if a non-alcoholic spirit imitates alcohol well enough, it will do the job, making spirits as we know them more or less obsolete. Our first product, Gnista Floral Wormwood, is hand-made in south Sweden and makes the perfect base for any no/low alcoholic cocktail.

Fixed salary of 5 000 SEK; this includes preparation (getting the right hairdo, putting your best dance outfit on etc.) and 1-2 hours of post-work. Actual work shift lasts 8 hours between 7 pm and 3 am.
Two positions available, possibility of extension offered for the right candidate. People worldwide are welcome to apply.


We’re looking forward to your digital application. Apply by simply clicking the button below and fill out the form. Please don’t bother to attach your resume, cover letter or any other certifications. Successful candidates will be contacted through e-mail.

Gnista Floral Wormwood

Aromatic and fresh on the nose, then bitter tones of wormwood and green herbs, hints of orange peel and a floral finish.

Use as usual. As a base for non-alco cocktails,  over ice with a tonic or savour on its own as an aperitif. Don’t necessarily drink responsibly.

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